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Bobcat Final Drive Motor – Case Drain Filter

Jan 3rd 2018

In this short video, we talk about the case drain filter on the Bobcat final drive motor -- a major cause of catastrophic failure for final drives.

If you have a hydraulic fluid leak and just keep adding fluid to the system and DO NOT fix the actual leak, you are just letting in dirty, gritty water that WILL damage the inside of the motor.

It might be a pain to shut the machine down and replace the final drive motor but it can save you a ton of money by doing so. In many cases we can take your old final drive motor and rebuild it. Send us your old drive motor and we will tear it down, do a thorough inspection, and then call you with a fair quote.

Rebuilding your current drive could save you $100s and our 1 year warranty on our rebuilt motors give you the peace of mind you deserve.

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