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Bobcat Mini Excavator Parts for Travel Motors 331 & 334

Rotator Group: Bobcat Mini Excavator Parts for Travel Motor

Have you ever seen Bobcat mini excavator parts for travel motors 331 and 334, such as the rotator group? In this video, Travis talks about the parts that make up the rotator group – including the piston block, ball guide, valve plate, retaining plate, piston shoes, and swash plate. Each of the excavator travel motor parts is very susceptible to damage from contaminants in the hydraulic fluid.

Bobcat final drive motor

It is very important that the hydraulic fluid be changed according to manufacturer’s recommendations and that the case drain filter is checked regularly.

NOTE: If you don’t keep the hydraulic fluid clean, contamination will build up in your system and damage these rather expensive parts beyond repair – and eventually destroy your final drive. Keeping your Bobcat mini excavator parts well-maintained provides an overall optimal run-time of your equipment.