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Identifying Final Drives

What Is a Final Drive?

What is a final drive? The answer to that is simple if you’ve worked with heavy equipment for any length of time. What isn’t always easy is figuring out exactly which Bobcat final drive you have. These guidelines will help you correctly identify your Bobcat T190, T140, or T180 final drive or your Bobcat T200, T250, T300, T320, or 864.

Identifying a Bobcat T180, T140, or T190 Final Drive

Sometimes, correctly identifying the type of Bobcat T140, T180 or T190 final drive you have can be quite tricky. Please check these things carefully since you will be responsible for proper identification of your motor and any additional shipping charges if the wrong motor is shipped out.

Four Port Drive

Do you have only 4 hydraulic lines going to your final drive motor? If so, you have a 4 port drive. We just need one more item of information to identify the particular motor you need: do you have 12 sprocket bolts (which is actually an outdated version) or six sprocket bolts?

Five Port Drive

If you have 5 hydraulic lines, the 5th hydraulic line can be found on the bottom of the drive on the flat cover plate that is held on by 24 bolts, as illustrated below:

Final drive travel motor - 5th hydraulic line

Next you need to determine if you have a SHORT 5 port or a REGULAR 5 port final drive motor. This is easy to determine with a simple measurement, as shown below:

Bobcat T140 T180 T190 - 5 port model - regular vs short nose

Short Nose or Long Nose T200, T250, T300, T320, 864?

Sometimes it’s difficult to tell if you have a short nose or long nose final drive. This guide should help you get that figured out. Be sure to choose carefully — you will be responsible for any return shipping charges for wrong verification. What follows is a discussion of how to differentiate between the long nose and short nose final drives:

Bobcat T200, T250, T300, T320, 864 - long nose vs short nose

Measuring the Distance between Flanges

This is the best way to identify whether you have a long nose or short nose drive: look at the distance from the top of the center mounting flange to the top of the sprocket flange. For a long nose, this distance will be around 7″, but for a short nose it will be about 5 1/2″:

Final drive travel motor T300 - long nose vs short nose - distance between flanges

Here’s another way to determine if you have a long nose or short nose by measuring the depth of the sprocket:

Bobcat T200 T250 T300 T320 T650 864 sprocket measurement - long nose vs short nose


If you‘re unsure about your Bobcat parts, give us a call, and we can help. Many people send us a picture of their drive, and we will be glad to help identify it for you.