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Travel Drive Motor Parts Failures

Preventative Maintenance for Travel Drive Motors

Do you know that the vast majority of final drives that are sent to us to rebuild have been damaged due to lack of maintenance? Yes, that is correct – regular final drive maintenance could have prevented many of the repairs we do on a daily basis. If you are not keeping your motor filled with clean lubricant your final drive will eventually fail – just adding or “topping off” with new fluid does NOT maintain the internal drive components.

Many failures begin with a simple leak. Once a seal starts to leak, it allows dirt, water, mud and grit to gain access to the inside of the drive motor. Once there, such debris will do extensive damage and result in unnatural wear to gears, bearings, and other key parts. A reseal job could cost you hundreds of dollars, but if the leak was neglected for too long then you are looking at a total rebuild which will be thousands of dollars depending on the extent of the damage – if a rebuild is even possible.

So clean off your travel motors after muddy and dirty jobs, and if you see a seal leaking then take the time to fix it now and save your money. Ship us your old drive, we will thoroughly inspect it on arrival in our shop and give you an estimate usually within 24 hours. Our rebuilt drive motors come with an industry first, 1 year warranty.

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