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Komatsu Final Drive Parts

Nothing is worse than being unable to complete the task at hand due to a failure of your Komatsu final drive. Final Drive Parts sells remanufactured, new, and used Komatsu final drive parts for various pieces of Komatsu machinery.

Komatsu Ltd., often simply referred to as Komatsu, is a large, multinational corporation of Japanese origin that manufactures heavy machinery and equipment for construction, mining, forestry, and the military. Founded in 1921 and named after the city of Komatsu in the Ishikawa Prefecture, Komatsu Ltd. is the world’s second-largest manufacturer of construction and mining equipment, next to Caterpillar.

Browse our selection of Komatsu final drive parts and contact us if you need spare Komatsu drive parts. We can always order them for you at a discounted rate.