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Used Final Drive Motors

WARNING Before You Buy Used Final Drive Motors

Should you take a chance and buy a used final drive motor for your tracked machine? It can save you money…can’t it?

We’ve discovered that in most cases a used “core” that was sent in by a customer buying a new or rebuild motor is then sold as “used” – very well used, in fact. Why else would the customer have sent the old core in to begin with?

In our shop, we do get a few cores that can be cleaned up, repaired, and sold as good quality used motors – but it’s pretty rare these days. Before we ever sell anything as “used” we open it up, perform a thorough inspection, and assess every part of it according to very strict guidelines. Our standards for used parts are high, and not many used cores meet that standard.

The point is that the chance of someone finding a good used motor is rather slim, and even if you buy a used motor from us it will be sold “as is.”

In this video, Travis discusses this further by showing four different used cores and the pitiful condition they were in. We recommend against purchasing used cores for this very reason.