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Mini Excavator Repair

Bobcat 331 Mini Excavator Maintenance & Repair

Heath, one of the expert technicians here at Final Drive Parts, talks about the vital importance of mini excavator repair and maintenance in this informative video.

This final drive, taken from a Bobcat 331 mini-excavator, had begun to leak around the area of the face seal. Even though this is a relatively common occurrence, it can become catastrophic if operators don’t respond to it in a timely manner. Because once it begins to leak, debris and contaminants can make their way inside the final drive and cause devastating damage, begin with massive bearing failure.

Most people’s instinct when they see a drive leaking is to simply refill whatever fluid is leaking out – whether it’s gear oil or hydraulic fluid. That doesn’t solve the problem, and won’t do anything to keep damaging contaminants from getting inside the final drive and eating away at key components.

Leaks should be addressed as soon as they are discovered, and long before they result in costly repairs and irreparable damage. If this drive had been repaired as soon as the leak was discovered, Heath states the excavator repair would have cost about $600 and only have had a one-day turnaround time.

However, because the leak wasn’t addressed immediately the entire drive needs to be replaced – the damage was so bad it couldn’t be rebuilt. This massively drives up the cost to your company, both in the price of a new final drive and the lost work time on whatever project you were using your equipment for.

Whether you’re looking for repairs or want to buy a new or rebuilt final drive motor for a mini excavator, Final Drive Parts has the expertise to get you the parts you need for your heavy equipment. Contact our shop today to start the process of finding your Bobcat 331 mini excavator hydraulic final drive motor.